Route 114: Qur’anic Sciences

Route 114: Qur’anic Sciences is an AlMaghrib Institute course taught by Yasir Qadhi.

The science of the Qur’an: one of the sciences that reaches out into and forms a foundation for almost every other Islamic science. Topics include: the definition of the Qur’an, the rewards of the Qur’an, the blessings of the Qur’an, the origin of the Qur’an, the recitation of the Qur’an (tajweed); the science of qira’at; ahruf; the science of tafseer; wahiy (revelation); Mecci and Madani verses; the arrangement of surahs and ayahs; abrogation; the miraculous nature of the Qur’an; translation; memorization.

What a list! And Uloom-ul-Qur’an touches on all these fields, many of which are sub-fields (specializations) of Uloom-ul-Qur’an! Almost anything you want to know about the Qur’an is here! So hit up the links below, and learn all about this beautiful, much-neglected book of our times: The Qur’an.


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Yasir Qadhi. Lecture. AlMaghrib. Route 114: Qur’anic Sciences. University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus, March 2008.