Touched by an Angel

Touched by an Angel: Tafseer Juz ‘Amma is an AlMaghrib Institute course taught by Muhammad Alshareef.

Most Muslims learn the Qur’an starting with Juz ‘Amma–the shortest chapters of the Qur’an. But, most of us also have no idea what these verses we recite–day after day, and prayer after prayer, for many of us–actually mean, and what lessons they impart.

Touched by an Angel: Tafeer Juz ‘Amma cures that, by giving Muslims what each and every one of us desires: understanding of the Qur’an. With themes such as the Apocalypse and the End of Time, the Day of Judgment, and Paradise and Hellfire, you will now finally be able to understand and appreciate all of these beautiful surahs of the Qur’an with your heart.


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Touched by an Angel: Tafseer of Juz ‘Amma. By Muhammad Alshareef. 2007.