The boy healed the blind and the lepers–the same miracles given to the prophet ‘Isa (Jesus), on whom be peace.

Was he a prophet?

No, he was not.

The difference is: Allah gave the boy karamah, a less intense form of mu’jizah. In a way, karamah mimics mu’jizah, but to a less intense level.

The boy’s powers mimiced the miracles of ‘Isa (alayhi salaam), to a lesser level. And while ‘Isa (alayhi salaam) could resurrect the dead, the boy could not.

A similar incident occurred to a sahaba. When a king apostated, the sahaba gave him da’wah. In return, the king threw him into a fire. But like the miracle of Ibrahim (alayhi salaam), the fire did not burn the sahaba.

When you follow the path of the Prophets, and give da’wah, Allah tests you as he tested them (peace be upon them all). But inshaAllah you get karamah too.

Wallahu ‘alim.

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