• The Lost Legacy

      We live in an era where knowledge is abundant and is available at our finger tips in variety of formats (audio, video, ebooks…) and on variety of devices and platforms (tablets, smartphones, laptops….). However, we lack the enthusiasm, passion, dedication and commitment to seeking knowledge. Here are few of the inspiring stories of past to rekindle that spark. Imam Zafar said “We used to sit down and take our spots for the circle of Imam Ali Madini after the Asar prayer.
  • Beacons of Light

    The following is a guest post from I Got it Covered, a blog about hijab, Islam, and life. You can find the original article here. In the time of ‘Umar ibn Al-Khattab, radiAllahu anhu, the second Khalifah, it was mandatory upon all the young girls to learn Surat an-Noor. From the beauty of this Surah is that it begins with, “[This is] a surah which We have sent down and made [that within it] obligatory and revealed therein verses of clear evidence that you might remember” [Surat an-Noor: 1].
  • Making a Statement

    Note: This is the third post in our series of Tafseer of Juz ‘Amma. From the opening ceremonies, to the first move of world leaders, people like to send a message. The intense revelation of the Qur’an is no different. The timing, style and content, sends a message to the final Prophet (saw) and to all of humanity. Allah (swt) starts the revelation commanding the Prophet to read “Recite in the name of your Lord who created.