Here is the sunnah items, we will be focusing on in this week:

Dressing Up:

  • Start wearing the cloth from the right side (right sleeve, right side of the trouser, right sock etc)
  • Start wearing the shoe with the right and take off with the left [Bukhari:  Hadith 747]
  • Say Bismillah when wearing and taking off clothes
  • Make dua when wearing new cloth [Abu Dawood: 4009]
  • Make supplication for the person wearing the new cloth


  • Walk fast (moderate pace)
  • Walk with slightly bent forward as if descending from a high place
  • While walking up, say “Allahu Akbar” and while coming down say “Subhanallah”

Entering Marketplace:

Tip of the Week:

In Ramadhan,with less distractions, shaitan out and good environment, it is an ideal time for developing new habits. Let us try to practice and apply all the sunnahs we have learnt so far in Ramadhan. Start planning now! (like: how many sunnahs are you going to work on each week? what will the process be? etc)

Action Item:

  1. It would be great, if anyone can compile a nice and colorful booklet out of all these post. Ideally, it should have all the evidences as well. See the books listed under references for ideas.

Inshallah, next week, we will look at the sunnah of entering the house and eating

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