We’ve been posting about tafseer of Juz ‘Amma for over a month now; and we’ve gone through about 10 surahs, walhamdulillah, and it seems like people are benefitting.

But … there are still 27 (!) surahs remaining. And as much as I would like to finish the series … it’s too long, by far, to have 37 posts on one series. Not to mention that it would take around 2 months.

So insha’Allah we’re going to do five more posts, one per day all next week; we’ll finish with Surah Fil, and then, bi idhnillah, the series will be done. finish the series, bi idhnillahi ta’ala, even if it takes a couple more months.

So if you have any feedback … now is the time to give it!

Wallahu musta’aan. We ask Allah to accept this effort from us (ameen!)