Edit: Jazakumullahu khayran to everybody who provided feedback. It seems like there’s a lot of demand for this kind of thing. Insha’Allah we’ll see more posts like this in the future.

man prostrating on his face


Salah. We cannot emphasize the importance of salah–the dividing line of Islam and Kufr. The first thing asked about on the Day of Judgment. The last thing the Messenger of Allah mentioned before he passed away.

Maybe you’ve been Muslim a day. A year. Maybe 10, 20, 50 years. Everyone has nagging questions about salaah–things they always wanted to know, but never had the chance to find out. Things they “heard,” but never got to verify. Or just things they wanted to ask but didn’t know where to look.

Maybe you want to know things like:

  • What are some other du’as I can recite when sitting, etc.?
  • Can I make du’a in English in my fard salah?
  • What’s the deal with going down hands-first or knees first?
  • Is wiping over socks legit?
  • What are the du’as for rukoo’ and sujood, and how do I pronounce them?
  • What should I do about Fajr if I wake up and the sun has already risen?
  • How do I wake up for Tahajjud?

This is your chance to get your questions answered. What questions do YOU have about salah? Post them in the comments. We’ll do our best insha’Allah to get the answers to as many of them as we can.

Rejoice! And tell us what you want to know! Allah says, if you don’t know, ask the people of knowledge! (We’re not them, but insha’Allah we have connections.) This is a rare opportunity to find out things specific to you!

Wallahu musta’aan. We ask Allah to give us all fiqh (understanding) of our deen. Ameen!

Action Items:

  • Post a question! Click on “Comment on this Post,” and ask a question you have for yourself, and one question that someone you know has.
  • Tell your friends. Ask them to visit Ilm Fruits and post their questions, too.