One of the amazing things about the internet, is that alhamdulillah, it’s possible to find dozens of different projects that benefit the Muslims.

One such project is Ilm Sieve, an Islamic search engine. Built on top of Google technology, it filters out non-Islamic and un-Islamic sites to give you only the best of Islam on the web. Some of the benefits of Ilm Sieve are:

  • Signal-to-Noise: compared to searching on Google, almost all (if not all) the search-results you find in Ilm Sieve are from Islamic sites–so no more digging to find the Islamic sites in page five and six of the results!
  • Qur’an and Hadith Search: type any snippet of text from the Qur’an or a hadith and you’ll likely find the source–the search engine covers the Qur’an (English and Arabic), Bukhari, and Muslim.
  • Sensitive Topics: you can even search for sensitive topics like pornography (or any other topic you’re looking up) and you’ll find solid Islamic sites that talk about these issues! (If you searched it on Google, you’d find very different results …
  • Firefox Integration: If you use Firefox, you can click on the little icon on the front page and search directly from Firefox!

Try it out and see for yourself, via this handy widget:

Islamic Search Engine