The hypocrisy of Western Modern culture is amazing! We need to realize that Islam began as something strange, and will end as something strange, so we need not worry what people think of us; rather, we need to be people that respect and fear Allah (سبحانه وتعال), and the creation of Allah (the people) come second.

Legal marriage age is 16? 18? but:

It’s okay for 14-year-old teens to have sex , and their parents having no idea about it, and it’s with someone they may not approve of, and the person may not have their son or daughter’s best interest at heart. But when she gets pregnant, or he or she gets HIV and doesn’t even realize it, and spreads it, they are condemned for it…

Sex is blatantly promoted in our culture through newspaper, television, movies, music …

**It is illegal to have more than one wife, but:**

  1. It is acceptable in our culture for a man to spend his evenings in the strip club or in the pub
  2. It is acceptable for him to have a side affair with some other strange lady
  3. His mistress has no legal rights, and yet he gets to use her
  4. This form of cheating causes social and cultural problems
  5. This type of relationship spreads diseases, whereas a man with more than one wife will never spread any sexual diseases
  6. If his second wife was actually his ‘girlfriend’, then it is okay
  7. homosexuality is considered okay

Therefore, do not look to the people for what is right and what is wrong. Look to Allah (سبحانه وتعال), for the people will confuse you, and they themselves are confused. This also shows us that democracy is also flawed, because people will vote together on misguidance and follow their desires.