Use the following chart as a quick reference

Type Description Can I recite from memory? Can I touch a mushaf? Comments
Menstruation The periodic blood that flows as a discharge from womens body Ok according to stronger opinion. No
  • There is another opinion that forbids reciting Qur’an during menstruation
  • May read Qur’an that is printed with tafseer/ translation (given that the non-Qur’anic text is more than the Qur’anic text)
  • May read Qur’an from the computer screen
Janaba The state of a person after sexual discharge, whether it was due to intercourse, an erotic dream or anything else No No You can touch a mushaf (a copy of the Qur’an — more Arabic then anything else) if there’s something in between you and it, such as a cloth
Minor Impurity The state of a person after wudoo is broken Yes No There is another opinion that allows touching a mushaf in this state

There are differences of opinion in some of these issues. I encourage everyone to study the evidences in details.

Want to know the differences between different fluid discharges and their rulings? Inshallah in the next post, we will provide a summary of these rulings. Stay tuned!

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