Hajj is coming. Less then two weeks remaining! But what’s the deal with Hajj shopping? Everybody tells you to take different things. Take suitcases. No, don’t take suitcases. Take lots of clothes. No, take a few clothes. Take medicine.

Confusion abounds.

How would you like a sneak peak at the shopping list of someone who attended Hajj several times in the last few years? Someone who changed their focus from attending Hajj to helping others excel at Hajj?

Check out this list of items they suggested (and yes, you should travel light!):

  1. Vaseline: Carry a small travel-size version–because your skin tends to dry and crack and chaff. Almost all men, and some women, get rashes. Keep it in a cool place, you don’t want it melting.
  2. Baby Wipes: Washrooms (especially clean ones) are rare, and you don’t want to waste precious water washing your hands. Keep a small box of them handy.
  3. Two Large, Light Suitcases: People expect gifts–and you expect to give them! Don’t be stuck trying to cram boxes into a small knapsack. Carry two large, empty suitcases with you.
  4. Small Sleeping Bag: Bring the smallest one you can find. No additional comforters or quilts! You’ll need to travel light, and you’ll need something warm for Mina.
  5. Cork Ear Plugs: You will definitely have trouble sleeping in Mina with all that noise around you. Keep some disposable cork ear-plugs. You’ll need your rest!
  6. Eyeshades: Ever try to sleep when the sun is rising, or up? What about when there’s a big, bright light only a few meters over your head? Eyeshades help–you can even catch a quick nap in the airport!
  7. Ihraam Towels (for men): Buy them early from specialty Islamic stores–depending on how you fly in, you may need to have them on on the plane, before you reach your destination.
  8. Gatorade Juice Powder: Keep some and dump it in your drinking water. It provides additional nutrients.
  9. Pocket Mushaf (Qur’an): Delays of four hours, waiting eight hours, and traveling 24 consecutive hours are all common in Hajj. Carry a mushaf with you, and aim to finish the entire thing during Hajj.
  10. Small Pocket Radio: For jumuah, you might be out of hearing range of the khutbah–but they broadcast it on the radio! Bring benefit to yourself and others with a small, handy radio!
  11. Unscented Soap: Because you can’t bring scented stuff. You won’t need the whole thing, so you can cut it up into pieces and share it with your fellow hujjaaj.
  12. Power-Bars: Keep a box or two of those small, usually-granola snack bars, for those times when you need a bite to eat but are in the process of your trip, or unable to reach food. (Don’t buy chocolate ones–the chocolate melts quickly.)

You can find more amazing, expert Hajj advice on all things Hajj-related at HajjCoach.com! (You need to sign up, but it’s free.)


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