Ramadan is the month of Qur’an. A month where many of us fast, pray Taraweeh, pray Qiyam al-Layl, and read the entire Qur’an–maybe more then once!

But subhanallah, in our love for Ramadan and our zeal for good deeds, we sometimes aim to accomplish more then our human capacity. We’re humans, we all have limits.

But people say “I’m going to read the WHOLE QUR’AN this time!” when they can’t–sometimes, even reading only one juz, maybe even the last juz, is an accomplishment for them, one within their ability. But they plough on, undettered, increasingly more tired and more tired and more burned out every day, until finally ‘Eid arrives and they say “Thank God Ramadaan is over!”

But that’s messed up! Protect yourself from being in that state! Know yourself, and know your limits–and push them, always push them, so you grow a little more, accomplish a little more, and raise your standards so next time inshallah (if there is one for you) is better then this time.

And the key is to prioritize. Remember that the reward of all the non-obligatory prayers–all the Qiyam al-Layl, all the Taraweeh, all of it–is utterly worthless if you’re not completing the obligatory, you’re not fasting, not praying ‘Isha, sleeping through Fajr, and skipping other prayers. The obligatory and prohibited acts of worship take priority.

May Allah protect us from Ramadan burn-out, and help us grow and use Ramadan as a spring-board of eman for the whole year, ameen! May Allah accept all our prayers and fasting and deeds in this great and blessed month, and keep us with them throughout the rest of the year. Ameen!