Familiarize yourself with Ar-Rajal, companion to the fake prophet Musaylimah.

Many people believe that when you don’t practice Islam 100%, you’re not hurting anyone but yourself. But subhanallah, if you look at Ar-Rajal, how many people did he misguide by not practicing Islam? Howmany tens or hundreds or thousands joined Musaylimah because Ar-Rajal endorsed him?

If you work or attend school, look around you. How many “Muslims” do you know who don’t wear a beard, don’t observe hijab, they drink, they go clubbing, they have a girlfriend or boyfriend. And then you tell your boss “Sorry, I can’t come to the bar with you after work, I don’t drink” they say “What! But all my other Muslim employees drink!” or “Ya professer, I can’t attend your lectures because of all the nudity in the content” they say “What! But no other Muslims in the class complained!”

Subhanallah. Consider it a grave reminder for those of us who do not practice to the full extent we should, or who disobey Allah in public.

And remember, even when you think nobody is watching, Allah is watching. And His angels are taking notes.