Here is the sunnah items, we will be focusing on in this week:

Making Dua:

  • Raise your hands
  • Glorify and praise Allah, in the beginning and at the end
  • Send salutations on Prophet (May Allah Peace and Blessing be on him) in the beginning and at the end
  • Cry while making dua



Tip of the Week:

But things like this and this one for your kids

Action Item:

  1. Memorize the duas from the sunnah: Mashary Qunoot Dua, Alhuda Masnoon Duas Collection, Saad al Ghamdi Qunoot Dua – Learn some ways to praise and glorify Allah in the duas

Inshallah, next week, we will look at the sunnah on wearing clothes and going out of the house

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Booklet: Sunnah Checklist – published by Alhuda International (download link)