Last week, we started a new series. The goal of the series is to learn and implement the sunnah in our lives. We started with the sunnah of our beloved Prophet (May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) on waking up. I hope all of you have been practicing that sunnah. Here is the sunnah for this week:

Entering the Washroom:

  • Enter with slippers/shoes
  • Make the dua
  • Enter with Left foot

After Entering the Washroom:

  • Remove your clothes(trouser, pants) after sitting down or when near to the floor
  • Use left hand for washing private part
  • Avoid the urine drops
  • After finishing, sit for a while and then stand up

Tip of the Week:

Try to get someone else involved with you (friend, family member etc), so that you can remind, compete and check up on each other.  It’s easy for shaitan to distract us when we are working alone but harder when we work as group.

Action Item:

  1. Make a plan on how will you implement and work on this week’s sunnah item.


Booklet: Sunnah Checklist – published by Alhuda International

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