We often make empty du’as–they lack in sincerity, but hey, we don’t expect them to be answered. But why do it? Are you just testing Allah?

Think with certiny that Allah will answer your du’a. Make the most sincere, heart-felt du’a of your existance. And have hope that Allah will answer it.

Before Islam, there was a man named Jurayj, a worshipper of Allah. The people around him had intense jealousy of him for this.

This prostitute in the town, she said “I will seduce him if you like.” She didn’t. Then a year later, she bore a son, brought him out, and said “This is the son of Jurayj.”

Bear in mind she admited to commiting one of the greatest sins, at a time where they kill people for stuff like this. Not like today, where nobody raises an eyebrow.

And what did the people do? They hammered on his door and demanded to see him.

So he said “bring the boy to me”. They did. And he made a du’a–I forget which one. Totally sincere du’a. And Allah answered it immediately. Subhanallah.

So make sincere du’a and have hope in Allah. May Allah protect us from the du’a that is not answered.

A hadith quds exists to the effect of: The Prophet, peace be upon him, said that Allah said “I am with the one who thinks of me”.

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